Do you know what’s bugging me?

I’ve worked with hundreds of coaches, trainers and therapists this year and spotted a common trend.

They’re good at lots of things.

Too many things, in fact.

  • A life coach might be good at NLP, psychotherapy, counselling and hypnotherapy
  • A personal trainer will be able to run, lift weights, do circuits and show me how to do them too
  • A business coach probably wants to show me how they can help with sales, marketing, admin and HR
  • A stress therapist doubtless has a bunch of relaxation techniques laid out ready for me to try
  • A marketing guru likely has a ton of funnel hacks, SM strategies and branding secrets to unleash on me

But if they don’t know the one thing that’s bugging me, and I believe they can make it go away, I ain’t buying.

And nor is anyone else.


PS – Yesterday’s first session in the 3-Day Sales Sprint went super-well. Over 50 of your colleagues moved their understanding of their client avatar forward, and grew their networks instantly! Here’s the Accountability Thread, including yesterday’s live video training. 

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