Do You Write?

My pal Stuart Carter has just published his third book, and it took him a week.

Well, that’s not strictly true.

He collated a bunch of his daily journal posts and repurposed them into a 208-chapter book. That bit took him a week from start to published-on-Amazon, although the writing happened over a year.

Publishing a book does the following wonderful things for you:

  • Boosts your profile – people love an author
  • Gives you a calling card that’s more interesting than a calling card
  • Provides you with a freebie to give away to prospective clients (same as the calling card point, really)
  • Positions you as an expert in your chosen subject
  • You earn money while you sleep, as people buy them. Also while you’re awake.

I bet you’ve got a few thousand words on a hard drive somewhere, haven’t you?

How close are you to already having your first book a week away?


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