Does the ark hold water?

For us to regard the Noah’s Ark myth as true would require a massive overhaul of everything we’ve learnt about:

🙈 Historic climate events (How much rain!?)
🙈 Inter-species animal behaviour (They’d eat each other)
🙈 Boat-building technology of the era (There wasn’t any)

…and a bunch of other solid science.

So, we take the story with a pinch of sea-salt, and enjoy the rollicking yarn for what it is.

And if you want your clients to take your claims about your work seriously, you should play to what they already accept as real.

Some mad ideas I’ve seen recently:

🤣 Get a six-pack by Xmas or your money back!
🤣 Why you can’t make money on Facebook anymore
🤣 Scale your coaching business to £100k a month, every month
🤣 Have your ideal clients lining up to work with you – on autopilot!
🤣 Build a coaching empire with no social media, websites or adverts

For clients to stop, read and buy your stuff, they have to believe 3 things:

1: What you’re claiming makes sense
2: You’re capable of delivering it
3: It will work for them, not just for others

You’ll never make any money if they’re laughing at your silly stories.

Love you lots

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