Does your past haunt you?

One of my mentors, Robin Sharma, is a wonderful writer and thinker.

He reminded me recently of one of the great truths of our existence:

“You can’t build a beautiful future if you haven’t worked through the burdens of your past.” 

Many things can weigh you down, forming baggage that you drag along from one year to the next:

  • Resentment at what went wrong
  • Feelings of inadequacy
  • Cynicism borne from failure
  • Offence at something somebody once said
  • Replaying catastrophe

Everything you thought, felt and experienced to date CAN inform what happens from now.

But it doesn’t have to.

Today is a new day, and your chance to disconnect from what limited you yesterday.


PS – I don’t want anything to limit your ability to build a thriving coaching practice, which is why I created the Client Attraction Blueprint, my small group intensive kicking off on the 30th May. Check it out here, and holler if you fancy it. 

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