Don’t do this tomorrow morning

As author James Clear reminded me, we get 25,000 mornings as an adult on average, with adulthood starting at 18.

I’ve got way fewer than that left, and I’m assuming you have too.

Your morning routine’s important, because it sets the mood for how the rest of your day goes –

  • Roll out of bed bleary-eyed, and your day will be bleary
  • Check social media first thing, and you’ll likely be on it all day
  • Stumble straight into your office, and you’ve given yourself no time to ruminate, meditate and cogitate on the day ahead
  • If you don’t prepare the night before, your first hours will be wasted working out what to do
  • Sit up straight or stand up – think blood-flow, breathing and posture for optimum performance

As Clear says:

“The good news is that exceptional results are also the result of consistent daily choices. Nowhere is this more true than with your morning routine. The way you start your day is often the way that you finish it.”

What are you doing with your remaining mornings?


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