Don’t just do this once

Someone asked me a question on social media the other day:

“If you absolutely had to create a premium paying client in the next 14 days without any existing pipeline or referrals, what would be your number 1 strategy?”

My thought process in answering the question was clear:

  1. Why would you suddenly “have” to create a premium client? Panic selling sounds scary!
  2. You should absolutely be aiming to create at least one premium client every 14 days
  3. It takes way less than two weeks to attract and engage a premium client through social conversation

At a tactical level, exactly HOW you find your premium clients will vary depending on WHO they are, and WHERE they hang out.

One thing’s certain though: whatever you do, shouldn’t you be doing it anyway, every day?


PS: Attracting premium clients all day, every day, is exactly what I show you in the Client Attraction Blueprint Programme, right here. Only 5 places left before the spring. 

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