Don’t take this personally

As writer Robin Sharma says, mediocrity is affecting the majority. 

I’m not suggesting you’re mediocre, of course, but I bet you know someone who is:

  • Doing the bare minimum needed to get by
  • Spending more time browsing-and-scrolling than rocking-and-rolling (well, it rhymes, right?)
  • Treating life as if they’re peering at it through a steamed-up shop window
  • Avoiding difficult decisions in case they make the wrong one (HINT: there are no wrong ones)
  • Sticking with the same old habits that served them not at all so far
  • Refusing to engage a mentor or coach even though that’s clearly a massive success indicator

As I said, don’t take it personally, unless you’re doing any of that stuff.

In which case, go ahead.

Take it personally. 


PS – If you’re ready to swallow the personal affront and want me to mentor you to greatness, here’s how.

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