I Don’t Want Your Time!

Unless you’re a parking meter, a hotel wi-fi router or a sun-bed, there’s never a reason to charge for your time, and here’s why:

As we learnt yesterday, time is a finite resource, whereas money is an infinite resource.

Therefore, it makes no sense to exchange something in short supply for something which will never, ever run out.

Also, as we’ve all got access to approximately 86,400 seconds each day, who are you to tell me your time is worth more than mine? Or less?

No, the grown-up, fair and reasonable way to get paid for what you do is this:

Charge for the value you provide to the person who is paying you. 

  • If you’re a heart surgeon who just saved my life, you’re pretty valuable to me right now
  • If you’re a financial adviser who just put me on the path to a comfortable retirement, I value that highly too
  • If you’re a business coach who’s spent the last 25 years learning how to supercharge my success, I’ll pay you a big chunk to show me that

This is what happens when you allow us to pay you for the value you give us: the more value you give, the more we will pay you.

Today’s three-part success blueprint:

  1. Solve a problem or provide a benefit
  2. Get really good at doing it
  3. Charge us what that’s worth

And the other great news with that approach?

Because you haven’t sold it to anyone else, you get to decide exactly how you spend your time.

Let’s Get On With It!

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