Don’t Waste Meetings

Have you ever left a meeting wondering what the hell you were doing there, or even why the meeting happened?

Every successful meeting needs three elements.

1. An agenda stating:

  • Why it’s been called
  • What are the desired outcomes, and
  • What’s going to be discussed
  • How long it’ll take

2. A defined style. It’s for one or more of:

  • Sharing information (Hint – can this be done by email/online?)
  • Creative discussion
  • Decision/vote

3. Attendee roles. You need these, which can be shared by the same person:

  • Chair – oversees the agenda
  • Note-taker
  • Timekeeper
  • Participants
  • Closer – sums up and assigns action points

Don’t get caught in a result-free meeting. It’s a criminal waste of life.

Author: Jonny |

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