How Easy Is £10k A Month?

Despite what the gooroos might have you believe, earning 5x what the rest of the population earns isn’t a walk in the park.

In fact, you’re more likely to be sleeping in the park than scaling your coaching or therapy to six-figures at the flick of your fingers.

“But I’ve built my website and I know who my ideal client is. I just can’t find them”

Well, anybody can get a website for $50 on PeoplePerHour, so that’s not where the money’s made, clearly.

The money’s made from your deep understanding of your ideal client’s biggest problem, and from your ability to convince them you can solve it.

I’m not here to tell you that’s caveman simple for you to achieve, even if it only took me 11.3 seconds to type it.

Some people never figure it out, and they throw in the bloody towel, battered and bruised by the anguish and overwhelm they’ve created on the way.

But if you’ve got the intellect to identify the challenge, the determination to solve it, and the appetite to learn, grow and succeed, then you might be able to find your way to that mythical £100k business.

Consider this: if it was easy to thrive as a coach or therapist, then so many people would be doing it that your work would likely be worthless anyway.

The fact that it IS as hard as winning a triathlon against Usain Bolt, Lance Armstrong and a family of great white sharks means the extreme rewards are there for you when you prevail.

Are you ready to get serious, or will 2021 kick your ass just like this year did?

Love you lots


PS: I’m ready to break the mould in this business, and there’ll be some scholarships to a whole new programme up for grabs for a handful of JHM members who grab my attention in the next few weeks. Reply me with why you might deserve one, and I’ll see you on the other side.

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