Effortless Marketing

When I surveyed start-ups and entrepreneurs in my network recently, I asked them what was the one thing that was holding them back.

After “lack of money” (which is probably just a misunderstanding anyway) the number two most popular answer was not “not having enough customers”.


Here’s a thought: What if calling it “marketing” and scaring yourself with the enormous scope of that word is paralysing a simple, clear action?

If we renamed it “finding the next customer”, does that sound easier?

Over a beer last weekend, I asked a friend of mine if he knew anyone who might have a need for some brilliant recruitment software a client of mine has created. Turns out his brother’s a senior manager in one of the UK’s biggest staff agencies, and within two days we have a trial underway.

I carry the message for my clients’ businesses – and my own – to most every interaction I have with anyone. Only a gentle mention, of course, not a gnarly sales pitch.

Action point: Until you’ve told everyone in your network about your great idea, don’t even think about marketing to people you don’t know yet.

That just sounds too hard to me.

Author: Jonny | Let me make it easier

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