Face Facebook Fears


Author and Coach Anoop Chawla has written as good an explanation of Facebook as an essential marketing tool as you’ll read all year. Right now, there’s no better way to leverage your skills, talents and messages.

If you’re in business, a reluctance to expose your authentic self to a potential audience of 2 billion is pretty much commercial suicide.

Locking down privacy, running a Closed Group or making people jump through hoops to gain permission to engage with you seems rather perverse. A bit like renting a shop in the busiest-of-busy high streets, filling it with beautiful things, and then blacking out the windows. And locking the door so we have to ring the bell to get in.

Let me explain further, with two different approaches to commonly-held views about the world’s most social network:

Facebook spies on me!
A – That creeps me out
B – That means it can more easily connect me with people and stuff that might be useful

Facebook makes money from selling my data
A – That’s not fair or moral
B – That means it can afford to keep all the great networking functions completely free

Everybody’s on Facebook 
A – It’s really hard to stand out
B – When you do stand out, everybody’s listening

I could run the same logic on a dozen-or-so FB whines I’ve heard recently.

Fact is, you’re either an A-Leaver or a B-Lever.

See what I did there?


Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

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