Facebook down!

Holy crap! 

The end of the world…

For a few hours yesterday, the world’s biggest social media platform was closed for business, and anything else you might have wanted it for.

To compound the misery of half the world’s population, that included Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger too.

And yet…

Nothing bad happened.

No-one died.

And me?

Freed from the temptation to check notifications every ten minutes, I actually did something more useful:

  • Wrote three Daily Brain Tattoos (including this one, obvs)
  • Called two clients and an old friend using the phone. How weird!
  • Watched the start of Star Wars Episode III with my six year-old lad
  • Scoped out the content for my November Birthday Bundle of goodies
  • Read a tremendous personal development book, gaining valuable insights

Thanks Zuck.

Can you pull the plug again same time next week please?

There’s something I need to get done.

Love you lots

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