Five unacceptable behaviours

CLICHE ALERT: You are the sum of the five people closest to you. 

Are any of your five any of these?

Blatantly disrespectful

I had dinner with a potential business partner a while back, and some of his food arrived cold. As I watched him rip into his waitress like he was Jabba The Hutt and she was Princess Leia, I asked myself, is this how he’d treat me when the going got tough?

Loose with promises

You know when someone says it’ll be done by Friday, and it’s done a week on Monday?  Hard to believe anything else they say from there.

Deluded worldview

One lady I know has been broke all her life, but it’s not her fault. Someone stiffed her, didn’t pay her, or pulled a rug from her. Always, always them and never, never her.

Trauma central

Panic, chaos and disorder abound as this fella effortlessly turns every molehill into the Himalayan range. And this insanity is so infectious, there’s only one proven vaccine – distance.

Know-all, know-nothing

Never listens, except to identify a space to talk. Never learns, because how can you when you’re already perfect? Offer advice at your peril, as it’ll end up crumpled in the waste basket of his spotless brain.

In curating our network, it’s super-important to regularly review friends, acquaintances, partners and clients to establish if your relationship with them is net-positive or negative.

If the latter…well, you know what comes next.  

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