Get a FREE vacation this year!

It looks like we’re going to be opening up the world again in 2021, meaning we can travel – assuming we want to. 

So here’s an idea to get that long-awaited vacation under your belt, at literally NO COST to you.

It’s called a rewards system.

This is where you set yourself a revenue goal – a non-negotiable, must do, definitively-gonna-achieve-it income target.

Then, add 10% to it to cover the cost of your lavish break, and decide to do that instead.

Two things are now likely to happen:

1: You will hit it. Determined goals have a way of working out, and
2: You’ll enjoy your vacation WAAAY more because you actually worked for it.

Life and business successes are all predicated on good habits, practiced consistently over time.

 And what better reason to embed some great habits right now, than the prospect of some summer sun in ’21? 

Love you lots

PS: I’ll see you on the beach in Southern California…x




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