Happy = Successful

When I was a kid, I used to hang out with this boy who was, well, different.

Years later, I realised he was autistic, but then I just knew he was different, and I enjoyed the no-nonsense way he looked at things.

We’d be playing football, and he’d say, this isn’t making me happy. So we’d stop.

One time he said he felt sad. I asked why and he said, I’m hungry. So we ate, and he was happy again.

We all do stuff that makes us happy, and we all do stuff that makes us sad, but we rarely plan our actions as if there were such a simple binary choice. We just do stuff anyway, based on spurious criteria, like feeling we have to, or need to.

We can even trick ourselves into thinking we need to do something, when we really, really don’t.

But, know this: if we actively strive to do only those things that make us happy, we’ll be more productive and successful too.

What will you do “happy” today?

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