Give this up immediately

There are many bad habits you can fall into as an entrepreneur.

Some, irritating.

Some, destructive.

And some life-breaking.

Is that a phrase?

It is now.

Here’s one of the worst habits you can fall into:

“Waiting for the right time”

Have you ever done that?

Literally gone, I can’t do this now, because [insert story you just made up].

The programme’s not ready
My head’s in the wrong place
I don’t have a big enough following
I need a new webcam
Nobody’s got any money these days [the classic]

Here’s all you need to remember, so you can erase those crazy fairy tales:

The best time to do this was yesterday. Today will do just fine.

Nothing has to happen first, so just get it done.

Who knows, it might even work?!


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