Have you got any ducks?

I was talking to a coach recently, who told me she had to “get her ducks in a row” before she could start coaching. 

That’s a wonderfully silly idiom at the best of times, but reading between the feathers reveals something altogether more sinister:

An excuse for inaction.

I’ve heard the flappy waterfowls getting in the way of all kinds of great ideas:

  • Not getting a coach ’till you’ve earned some money – work THAT one out!
  • Not speaking to a potential client before your website is finished (HINT: It’s never finished)
  • Putting off doing live videos till your new webcam arrives – err…you have a phone?
  • Not launching your programme as you haven’t got your qualifications yet
  • Waiting for someone’s permission to use a brand name similar to theirs (That’s a REAL one from this week!)

In summary then.

There are no ducks. You’re imagining them.

And if there were ducks, how the hell would you get them all in a row anyway?  


PS – In case you missed it, this week’s #MoneyWeek in the JHM FB Group. Catch up on the Day 2 challenge here, all about unlocking your own personal goldmine. 

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