Have you had this deadly virus?

Have you ever felt like this, for days on end?

  • You don’t know what to do next
  • You can’t think clearly about who you need to talk to
  • Everybody in the world seems to be doing better than you
  • You’re not looking forward to getting out of bed
  • There’s a fog everywhere you look

I used to feel like that.

A lot.

Then I realised what was causing it.

The Vagueness Virus.

I thought telling the world “I’m a business coach, and I work with anyone in business” would get clients falling over themselves to work with me.


It’s taken years for me to work out that I help transformation professionals to find more of their ideal clients without paid advertising.

Now I’ve shaken the virus, and I’m fully vaccinated from another attack.

Have you had your jabs yet?


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