Have you heard of the motivation reversal?


If you’ve ever missed a gym session, or not started writing, or cancelled a meeting, you might have told yourself:

“I just didn’t feel like it.”

In other words, you couldn’t find the motivation.

But, what if you were looking for motivation in the wrong place?

Maybe motivation comes from actually doing something, and getting excited by the result.

I’ve written 565 Daily Brain Tattoos – including this one you’re reading – and  boy, was it hard to write the first couple!

But you know what?

Once I realised people were reading and enjoying them – they tell me so, every day – nothing in the world would have stopped me from continuing.

Now, I feel hyper-motivated by the thought of keeping the habit going, by not breaking the chain.

You don’t need motivation to get started.

You find motivation BY getting started. 


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