Have you run a 5-day challenge?

In my last challenge in February, I showed you all I know about organic client attraction, and here’s what I learnt from it:

1: Challenges are HARD GRAFT. Getting people to sign up for something free required the same effort as if I’d charged for it. Actually, 250 of you registered, so it was fine in the end.

2: This Stuff Works – for some people. That’s the people who actually SHOWED UP and did stuff. You made over £84,000 in sales in TWO WEEKS, and that’s just the sales you reported.

3: But, nothing Works If You Don’t. Out of 250 who registered, only 97 ever showed up on ANY of the live trainings, and only 14 people – YES FOURTEEN! – showed up on all of them. All five of the people making over £10k in sales were amongst those 14.

4: This Stuff Changes Lives. One remarkable lady turned around her finances in 14 days, and told me her husband was sleeping better and no longer worried about money.

5: 95% of my/your/any community are NOT READY to take determined action to improve their lives at any given point. And, that’s OK. Serve the 5% who are ready, and make it work for them.

I’m hatching another challenge for September, which WILL make you £10k at least, if you do the work.

You ready to take part?

I mean, REALLY take part?


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