Here’s how to ask for help

When you’d like a client to give you a referral, how do you ask for it? 

  • Let me know if you hear of anyone please
  • Pass my business card around please
  • I can pay you if you introduce anyone

All those approaches MIGHT work, but probably not so much.

Here’s a better idea that popped out in a discussion recently with my pal and Inner Circle Mind Expert Steve Blampied:

“There are doubtless many people out there who still haven’t heard about me, and yet could benefit enormously from the benefits that you have already. Who springs to mind as the one person you’d like to help right now through an introduction to me?”

That question is at once:

  • Specific (“one person”)
  • Kind (“You’d like to help”)
  • Modest “People haven’t heard about me”)

What’s not to love?

Try it, next time.


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