Here’s what has to happen first

Remember the line in the pop classic “Baker Street”?

Another year and then you’d be happy

Just one more year and then you’d be happy

The song’s about a guy planning what’s going to happen in his imaginary future, which of course, never comes.

I see a lot of coaches and therapists in the JHM Group commenting wistfully in a similar vein:

  • I just need a few more clients then I can start building my team
  • When the kids are a little older we’d like to move to Spain
  • Once I get this 12-month coaching qualification I can start attracting clients
  • I can’t go on holiday while the dog’s still alive (heard that one just this week)
  • When I have more experience, I’ll put my prices up

Gerry Rafferty never found happiness, and waiting for stuff to happen won’t lead you to your joy either.

In all those cases, here’s has to happen first:


Nothing has to happen first.

You deciding to do it is all that has to happen.


PS – Here’s something I’ve decided to do. Only click this if you can get to London, and you want to change your life.

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