Here’s what’ll happen next year

I can absolutely guarantee that these five things will happen in 2022. 

[And I don’t need a crystal ball to know this]

1: The world will be in recovery, but in the meantime [and afterwards] your clients will need you more than ever. Get ready to serve.
2: The internet will continue to get noisier, so it’ll be more important than ever to own your personal brand with a genuine USP to stand out from the vanilla tide
3: You may thrive, you may not, but you have the choice to build an empire at any scale you wish
4: JHM will be supporting you all the way, especially if you are determined to take relentless action to get your life together and create exponential impact for your clients
5: This time next year you will be 12 months older, whether or not you decide to invest in yourself, your business and change the world, one client at a time.

So when’s the best time to get started?*

Love you lots

* Trick question. It was yesterday, but today will do just fine. 

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