Here’s what’s wrong with your voice

Cliched but true: People listen to HOW you speak way more than they listen to WHAT you say.

With that in mind, you’d better work on these 7 elements of a great voice:

Register – We vote for politicians with lower voices – (applies especially to women)
Timbre – Rich is better. Think Anthony Hopkins vs Russell Brand
Prosody – Horrible end of the sentence going up?
Pace – Slow down – you babble, you lose.
Silence – Can be very powerful
Pitch – The higher you go, the angrier you sound!
Volume – Shouting all the time = Sodcasting. Speak softly but make a big noise.

Pick up your mobile right now and talk to the voice recorder for 30 seconds on your favourite subject.

Play it back.

How did you sound?


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