How big are yours?

As a paragon of bravery in the sporting world, Michael Dunlop has few peers.

A fierce motor-cycle competitor, he is part of a family dynasty of Northern Irish road racers where triumph and tragedy are closely intertwined.

His uncle Joey was killed racing in 2000.
His brother William was killed racing in 2018
His father Robert was killed racing in 2008

Michael went on to win the race that claimed his father, and dedicated the victory to him.

In 2019, as ever, Michael rode again in the legendary Isle of Man Tourist Trophy, and won.

A broken wrist didn’t hamper him as he conquered all-comers.

He did admit to some mental challenges though, when he said:

“In my opinion, you maybe lose the size of your balls but you don’t lose the size of your talent.”

And that struck me as a great metaphor for what I often see in coaches and therapists across the JHM community.

It’s not talent that’s holding you back.

You’re already good enough, and getting better every day. 

No, it’s far more likely to be fear that’s keeping you where you are.

Of what might happen if you tried something new
Of what glorious success might feel like
About what you might have to sacrifice to get there

And above all, fear of what people might think if you tried and failed.

When you leverage your talent with ballsy decisions, that’s when the magic happens.


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