How big will you be?

Do you ever wonder how far you could go with your business?

There’s only one way to find out: set bigger goals.

Super-coach Rich Litvin talks about the waste of life behind aiming for a 10% increase in clients, sales or revenue.

He asks, how about 10x instead?

If you’ve created the foundations of a 21st century coaching or therapy business, there is literally no reason not to try to build the tallest edifice you can on them.

Once you’ve got started, every step of your process should be exponentially scalable.

Some simple truths underpin that statement:

  • Money is effectively infinite
  • So is the pool of potential ideal clients
  • You’ll never run out of perfect team members either

That must mean that the ultimate decision is yours.

What do you want to build – a cottage or a skyscraper?


PS One of my foundations is a thriving Facebook Group. Claire Dowdall and I have been explaining how to build yours too in a powerful daily livestream all this week. Last one at 9AM UK today, and it’s the Biggie – how to make money from your FB Group! Don’t miss it.

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