How do I get to Carnegie Hall?

How did you get to be so good? 

Ask any master, in any field, and the answer will be the same:

“I practised”.

  • My first few DBTs sucked, in retrospect
  • My first marriage was a train-wreck
  • My first few sales calls failed, mostly
  • I was once clueless about marketing
  • My first programme bore no relation to the peerless CAB

Now, after years playing, failing and improving at the games most important to me, things are actually pretty good. 

Imagine what it would mean to your life and business, if you were substantially better at the core elements.

As we thaw out from the frozen wastes of winter, run this thought-exercise:

How good could I be at the end of 2024 if I started practising something now, and kept at it for the rest of the year?

Rabidly, relentlessly, consistently at it till you met every goal you’d set for yourself, financially, emotionally and for your clients.

That’d be amazing, wouldn’t it?

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