How kind are you?

In spectacular news yesterday, the UK Home Secretary has been forced to resign, following the debacle over the planned deportation of people who’ve been living in the UK for over 50 years.

Here’s how the BBC described the nasty mess:

“The Windrush generation settled legally in post-war Britain and automatically got the right-to-remain in the UK – but the UK government did not keep a record of everyone in that position. Some people who do not have the paperwork to prove they are in the UK legally have been detained, lost their jobs and denied access to medical care.”

This horrendous, callous treatment of ordinary people is another example of the increasing lack of kindness in modern society.

When we interact with friends, family, colleagues and clients, we should ask these questions:

  • Are we treating them as we would want to be treated ourselves, given a similar situation?
  • Have we checked all the facts which led us to now behave in a certain way?
  • Before sanctions or punishments are meted out, are there any other more palatable measures which would achieve the same result?
  • What’s the kindest way of responding to a particular problem?
  • How important or necessary is it that we react at all to the circumstances before us?

Our government – any government – has more pressing problems which it should have been dealing with yesterday, rather than this expressly shameful matter.

My quest is to bring more understanding, clarity and calm to the world through coaching, and through helping others to coach in the same way.

That’s why this week is Kindness Week in the Jonny Hates Marketing Facebook Group.

Pop over there and post, comment and react about how you’re helping the world to become a little kinder.  


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