How lucky are you?

Some things require luck:

  • Winning the lottery
  • Not getting on a plane that’s going to crash
  • Being born into a safe, nurturing, affluent society

Pretty much everything else doesn’t require luck:

  • Getting up early in the mornings
  • Leaping at an opportunity when it lands in front of you
  • Persisting with an idea till it works
  • Exercising good judgement
  • Relentlessly learning to be better

When you do that, great things happen and you can take the credit.

Just make sure to chuckle when someone calls you lucky.


PS: No luck involved, if you showed up on the 3-Day Sales Sprint this week and did the work. You’ve probably made some sales! If you’d didn’t see it, and would like to catch up, here’s the link to the full set of recordings

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