How lucky are you?

I had a conversation with a potential client yesterday.

(I have about ten of those a week, as they’re important, right?)

“Turns out” this guy is friends with a REALLY good friend of mine.
“Turns out” we share a passion for motorsport.
“Turns out” his business needs EXACTLY what I’m offering.
“Turns out” he’s right ready to join my programme, and can afford it.

How lucky, right?

Maybe, but here’s what I’ve done to help create that luck:

  • I’ve made sure everybody I know understands what I do, and for whom, so they can introduce me when it feels right
  • I regularly mention my hobbies and interests, so similar folks can resonate with them, and me
  • I make clear value propositions every day, so people who want what I do can easily spot me in the crowd
  • My messaging never leaves doubt that a substantial investment will be required to join my programme

Yes, random things happen.

More often, it’s about you shifting the odds.


PS – Here’s something with HIGH odds of being fun, exciting and FREE (It is free, yes). We thought we should celebrate the Jonny Hates Marketing FB Group reaching 4,000 members, so we’re throwing The 4K Cocktail Party tomorrow night (Wednesday) at 8pm UK online, with tons of special guests, including YOU, if you fancy it. Register here!

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