How to be invisible, forever

You know when you’re writing your Facebook or LinkedIn profile?  

Or the “About me” (LOL) page on your website. 

And you make a massive list of all the places you’ve worked.

And you make an even bigger list of all your training and qualifications.

Now your summary is bursting with so much evidence of your mastery and experience, your ideal clients will be quaking with gratitude when you offer to help them!

Well no, and here’s why:

1: Nobody cares where you’ve been or who you were.

They care where and who you are now, and how you can help them today.

2: People tend to average the information they read about you, not add it together.

So the bigger your list of accomplishments, the more average it becomes.

You’d better use your digital real-estate, and the micro-slice of attention you might earn from it to deliver your sucker-punch.

Simply state the ONE thing you do, to transform the life of your singular, ideal client.

Understand that, and place it front and centre on all your social profiles.

Act like you have ONE job, ONE proposition and ONE person you’re trying to reach.

Or risk being invisible forever.


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