How to build your email list – fast!

You know when someone joins your Facebook Group, and you get to ask them up to three questions about why they bothered? 

And you know how the answers to those questions disappear as soon as you accept their joining request, so you have to write them down first or screenshot them or something?

Well, here’s the news.

You don’t have to do any of that laborious twaddle any more. 

For over 2 years, I’ve been using a fantastic tool that will transform your Facebook Group, enabling you to gather valuable information about your members and build your email list at the same time.

It’s called Group Leads, and it saves the answers to your Group entry questions to your Google Drive, also adding them automatically to your email platform of choice so you can send them a welcome message in their inbox.

I love Group Leads, and they love me, which is why they’ve given me an exclusive 30%-off voucher code to share with you, and only you, as a JHM member.

They could withdraw it at any time, so go take a look and if you fancy making your life a whole lot more productive and profitable, use the ultra-special VIP voucher code JONNY30 at the checkout right now.  

Love you lots

PS: It works on any of the subscriptions, but the best deal has to be the yearly membership @ $97, less 30% making it $68 or a faintly ridiculous $5.65 per month.

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