How to charge more, today

Coaching isn’t a commodity, right?

Especially YOUR coaching, because you’re unique.

If that’s true, why do so many coaches price their services with an eye on the competition?

The “Market Rate”, whatever that’s supposed to mean. 

Look, even a commodity like vehicle fuel isn’t always priced like a commodity.

When you buy petrol on a motorway, they charge you 20% more than filling up in town.


Because you’re paying for a supply which is:

  • Dependably there when you need it, reducing journey time
  • Less stressful than leaving the motorway looking for a cheaper deal
  • More attractive than running out of fuel at the side of a very fast road

I’m guessing your coaching is also dependable, stress-reducing and more attractive than most available alternatives.

So, charge based on that, instead of benchmarking your imaginary competition.   


PS – The pic? The world’s most profitable car, the Porsche 911, a towering example of the value of uniqueness.

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