How To Choose?

When I asked for ideas for DBT 250 earlier this week, my friend and coach Karen Magid suggested I unravel how to select which social media platforms are best for your business.

A better question is maybe: “which social media platforms do my clients use?”

Here’s a (very) rough guide to where people are hanging out these days:

  • Coaches, therapists, consultants: Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Sales professionals: LinkedIn, Twitter
  • Personal trainers: Facebook, Instagram
  • Ordinary humans over 25: Facebook
  • Ordinary humans under 25: Instagram, What’s App

The other thing to factor in is ease of reach – which platforms allow you to identify, communicate and engage with your ideal clients most easily.

  1. Inviting people to join you in a Facebook Group is a really simple way to start a conversation. Following recent revelations from Mr Z, it’s getting a whole lot harder to do that using a Facebook Page.
  2. LinkedIn is also massively powerful. It’s such a wide platform with an open and comprehensive search function, that you can pinpoint your ideal clients really quickly and accurately.

As a transformation professional, it’s not necessary to become a social media celebrity. You just need to be hanging out where your clients are, with an appealing and credible story to attract them to you.


PS – If you want to unravel the mysteries of LinkedIn, there’s still a couple of places open on the LinkedIn Masterclass that I’m running with Jill Chitty via live video-link next Thursday, the 18th January from 10am-1pm UK time. Reply with LM 18 and I’ll send you full details.

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