How to get great, today

Zig Ziglar famously said: “You don’t have to be great to start but you have to start to be great.”

But, hey, we don’t all know where to start right??

A long time ago, way before I jumped the entrepreneurial train, I used to dream of running my own business and working for myself.

I tried a bit of network marketing, once trained to become a driving instructor (at a time when I didn’t even own a car!!) and I started dozens of courses and books to get me motivated to do something different with my life.

And therein was the problem. I was grasping at all these different opportunities with no real plan or idea of how to get there.

Although I was hungry to be successful and never afraid to start something new, I could never go the distance.

So one day I decided to create my own simple marketing acronym (because marketers love a good acronym, right??) that would help me focus on what was important.

I came up with G.R.E.A.T:

  • G-oals: Define clearly what it is you want to achieve or do
  • R-esources: Ensure you have sufficient resources (time, people, money etc) planned in to keep you going
  • E-valuate: Measure everything and set KPI’s in order to compare and learn
  • A-ction: Once you have planned the activity…. Get it done!
  • T-asks: Break your actions down into manageable tasks to avoid overwhelm and procrastination

I can’t say I always live by this mantra but it sits on my desk as a reminder everyday.

And as I read back Zig’s quote with a wry smile, I think to myself perhaps you can get off to a great start after all.


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