How To Get Ignored

Do you remember this challenge I set you in the Group earlier this month?

“Draft an irreverent one-liner that might attract your ideal client’s attention.”

You commented with over 70 of your great ideas, and then…

Nothing much changed.

You went back to being vanilla.

Well, maybe not you personally, but you get my drift.

Definitely the “Me-Too, Vanilla Coachapist” is a thing in our community.

Scattered around my newsfeed every morning I spot bland, confusing and downright unappealing stuff like:

  • Become your best self
  • Reinvent your life
  • Get whatever you want
  • Connect with your soul
  • Discover your destiny

Look, I’m not saying those things aren’t important, but do you have any idea how many other coachapists are using EXACTLY the same words to try and attract THEIR clients?

As Rich Litvin reminded me today:

Doing the opposite of what the majority are doing is almost never a risk.

This also means that doing exactly the same as a bunch of other practitioners is almost always a risk.

You’re risking anonymity, lack of impact, and business catastrophe.

So here’s the updated challenge:

“Draft an irreverent one-liner that might attract your ideal client’s attention, and USE it in your next post to your community”

Then come back here and tell us how it worked out.


Love you lots

PS: Don’t forget – more Purple Yam Mocha Hazelnut than Vanilla, please.

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