How To Handle A Narcissist


According to Eric Barker, author of a seminal 315,000-subscriber blog about how we mostly misunderstand success, it’s easier than you think to deal with a narcissist:

Don’t. Just walk away.

If you really have to deal with one – if it suits your short-term ends – here are a few tactics worth trying:

  • Kiss up and praise them
  • Get payment upfront
  • Ask them to think about how others might see them
  • Ramp up your own narcissism to match them blow-by-blow

None of those are ultimately rewarding, and they may not even be needed if you simply refuse to engage.

Of course, you might never meet a narcissist if you only work with smart, educated and intelligent people who can bring real value to your life.

And it’s a rare narcissist who gets very far without at least some other redeeming qualities.

Let’s Get On With It!

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