How to lose friends, gladly

As iconic thinker Jordan Peterson writes:

“…losing friends you’ve grown up with is hard, but staying in the same mediocre relationships and where no one wants to excel is even more burdensome.”

Personally, I can mark 2021 as a year when I consciously let go of two of my lifelong friends.

One who turned into a political extremist on the wrong side of my tracks, berating me with his nonsensical braggadocio by phone and social media until I had to tell him to stop. Forever.

The other, a pleasant enough chap who revealed his woeful attitude to women, immigrants and pretty much everyone else who didn’t fit his narrow definition of an acceptable human.

I mourned their passing through my life as I would a real bereavement, but the strangest thing happened since.

New friends – interesting, smart, intelligent, beautiful people have all-of-a-sudden shown up, as if to replace the gnarly old guard in numbers.

Anyway, I’m telling you this so you don’t have to be afraid to have a clear-out.

Hanging around people living the life you really want to lead is a massive success trait.



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