How to make money with no money

A couple of years ago, I heard a chap in a bar saying “it takes money to make money” to his mate as they discussed the automatic success of some lucky rich guy they both knew.

Here’s some actual truisms about why businesses succeed:

  • They have a great idea
  • The execute the idea with passion and commitment

The excuse of not having enough money is rarely true, and even then it’s only ever partially responsible for a business failure. In fact, having too much money can be just as catastrophic.

I’ve bootstrapped 7 ventures, including one which grew to a £10m turnover from zero without a penny of outside cash beyond revenue from sales.

And I work with inspiring entrepreneurs every day who create personal brand-based ventures, going to market with nothing but beaming smiles and a sensational idea.

If “not having money” is stopping you building the business and the life of your dreams, maybe it’s time to find another business.


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