How to say goodbye when you screwed up

I woke up to an email most coaches dread.

A client who’d paid upfront for my programme wanted out before it started.

Big time.

Every penny to be paid back, and no further involvement was Ms X’s demand.

First time this has ever happened, so I made myself a coffee, and examined the situation.

She hadn’t been an exact match for my ideal client from the get-go, but I’d obviously said enough to demonstrate I could help her.

I genuinely believed I could help her too.

But then, as she immersed herself in my community and looked around at her peers, she realised she wasn’t one of them.

And she was right. I was wrong.

Lessons relearned:

  • Say no to anyone who doesn’t look like an ideal client
  • There are plenty enough of the latter to sustain your business, forever
  • Always, always, admit if you got it wrong, and part as friends

Thanks, Ms X, for reminding me.


PS – One last reminder for you – we can squeeze in two more to the Client Attraction Summit this Thursday, the 22nd November in the Midlands. If you want in, reply CAS to this, but be quick.

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