How to write a book [The Lazy Way]

As you know, I write something every day – your’re reading it now!

This makes it (relatively) easy for me to curate content into a book like the Jonny Hates Marketing paperback I published last month.

My book crept up on me when I realised I’d written over 200 Daily Brain Tattoos, and I only needed half that number to fill my first edition.

But what if you don’t write a deliberate “blog” every day, or even at all?

Here are some other, easy-ish ways to generate enough words to fill a book:

  • After every client session, write 5 paragraphs on who said what, and what great result happened
  • Copy and paste all your social media posts into one doc called “book content”
  • Use the text from your website to headline chapters and generate ideas
  • When you record a live video, transcribe it, or get someone else to do it
  • Use a tool like Evernote and always write down ideas at the point when they pop out

After a few months doing that stuff, you’ll probably have an accidental book ready to roll.


PS – If you’re American, here’s the link to the book

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