How you might be killing your best work

The most productive people and businesses in the world pay careful attention to their work environment.

Thomas Edison had a meticulously-designed lab in New Jersey where he invented and developed world-changing technologies and products.

Rudyard Kipling sought out a perfect sanctuary in Suffolk where he could quietly go about his peerless creation.

Google leads the way with inspirational campus-style workspaces that bring out the best in their employees.

Here’s a checklist to see how your environment might be holding you back:

  • Can you see the daylight from your desk? You should.
  • How many plants (Real, live ones) in your workspace? More than none is good.
  • How many monitors? If you do most of your work online, three is the optimum for productivity.
  • Whiteboard? Essential for doodles, notes and goal setting in plain view.
  • Standing or sitting desk? Try standing, at least for phone or video calls. It’ll boost your power and impact
  • Distractions?  If you operate from home, set clear family boundaries. When you’re at work, you’re at work.
  • Clutter? Clear that desk! There’s no excuse for for piles of papers, staplers, plates and cups.
  • Flaky internet or phone signal? Do whatever it takes to sort it out.

Find your sanctuary, clear your mind, do your great work.


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