How’s Your Funnel?


As Steve Smythe pointed out in the Jonny Hates Marketing Marketing Show live this week, funnels have been around for a while.

It’s easy to think of them as a millennial invention, built digitally to ensure all your prospects and customers get regular emails, offers and information from you.

But all this old-fashioned everyday stuff gets you in somebody’s funnel, somewhere:

  • Business Cards In A Bowl
  • Clipboard-Jockey In The Street
  • Loyalty Card At Your Supermarket
  • Warranty Form Fill-Out
  • Hotel Visitor Book

In fact, every time you offer your contact details in exchange for something, real or imagined, you’re in a funnel.

Why have marketers always done this?

Because funnels work.

A funnel is simply a way for an organisation to segment and communicate with its prospects and clients in a structured way, to improves sales.

If your funnel is puffing out black smoke, blocked or simply non-existent, Steve’s your man.


PS – Be sure to watch the Jonny Hates Marketing Marketing Show next week for more great stuff on how to build and optimise your first funnel 

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