How’s Your Entropy?

Ever wondered why these things are true?:

  • Life always seems to get more complicated
  • Any problem left will always get worse
  • Your shoes never tie themselves
  • A garden will become a wilderness without human intervention
  • A business will fail without skillful management

The answer is entropy – the natural tendency towards disorder – and here’s a great piece explaining it, as well as why marriage is unnatural, and art is beautiful.

There is only one way a monkey can type the complete works of Shakespeare, but there are 36×10 followed by 137,000 zeros ways that he could type something else. That’s basically infinity.

For an entrepreneur, entropy is the power of statistical probability against automatic success. There are an infinite number of ways your business can go wrong, and relatively few ways it can survive, let alone thrive.

Here are some habits to tackle entropy head-on and stack the odds in your favour:

  • Confront problems as they arise – at the point of interference.
  • Take action swiftly. Learn to overcome procrastination, which allows chaos to settle in.
  • Eliminate unruly and noisy people from your life. Quiet calm is entropy’s nemesis.
  • Minimise clutter at all times, real, virtual and mental.
  • Strive for ultimate simplicity and clarity in all things.

It’s time to take the fight to the universe, on its own terms. 

Author: Jonny | Check out the Academy!

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