I don’t mean to criticise, but

As you become visible online, you’ll start to get unsolicited feedback.

Most of it positive:

  • I love your post
  • Great question
  • I needed to hear this today

etc etc

Sometimes, people will take a few seconds to offer you a less-than-positive thought:

  • I don’t agree with this
  • Your behaviour triggers me
  • You’re clearly a fool if you believe that

All the above are samples from my recent feedback…

What’s important now is to understand the difference between a critic and an enemy.

A critic offers her opinion because she wants you to improve, even a little.

Your enemy wants none of that, and wishes you’d die a horrible death before rolling into the bowels of hell for eternity.

A critic might be worth listening to, and could even become a friend, ally and collaborator.

Your enemy deserves no such consideration, and the time you spend hitting the “block” button is the only time well-spent with him.

Moving on to something more useful, and fast, is essential for your mental health and ability to thrive.

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