I just got lucky…

“I’ve had a great week!”

That’s the story I’m telling myself.

  • 3 fabulous coaches and therapists have enrolled on my ‘high-ticket’ programme
  • The affiliate platform for the Inner Circle is live
  • I’ve opened up some incredible new connections
  • Clients on the CAB programmes have had some fantastic results

And yet…

Those are just outputs. Glorious outputs, yes, but literally out of my control.

All I’ve actually done these last 7 days is worked at my normal level of inputs – the things I CAN control.

  • 10 conversations with people who look like my ideal clients
  • Worked with my team building cool new automations
  • 3 engaging posts a day round social media
  • Delivering my programmes according to plan

So really, I had an average week.

I guess I’m just lucky it turned out great, right? 


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