I just saved you three months’ work

“More effort is wasted doing things that don’t matter than is wasted doing things inefficiently.
Elimination is the highest form of optimization.”

~ James Clear

And in your 21st century coaching or therapy business, you can easily while away your days on low-impact, time-heavy, superficially rewarding tasks that look like real work:

Redesigning your website
[HINT: you’re not a designer, and you probably don’t need a website anyway]

Writing a blog
[HINT: Audience Before Content – curate a community of people who might read it first]

Launching a podcast
(HINT: as above, don’t do this as a vanity project. You need a following who’ll listen to it]

Building a programme
[HINT: sure, create something to sell, but it doesn’t have to be perfect, and the simpler the better]

Registering your company
[HINT: lol]


If you could just do one massively impactful thing today, leveraging your time and maybe even making you some money – TODAY! – there’s no argument:

“Start a conversation with someone who looks like your next ideal client.”

You’re welcome.

Love you lots

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