I know what your problem is

I think I’ve worked it out. 

🧐 Yep, after 3.5 years running the JHM Group
🧐 With 184 of you graduating from the CAB programme
🧐 I’ve had literally hundreds of conversations
🧐 I’ve asked thousands of questions

I’ve finally got to the bottom of what holds back coaches and therapists just like you.

And here it is.

You need to stop thinking.

You’re thinking way too much.

Sure, have that ONE initial thought about what it is the hell you’re actually offering.

And by all means have that second thought about who it’s for, of course.

But the rest of it?

🤔 “What if it doesn’t work?”
🤔 “Am I good enough?”
🤔 “Let’s start this other random business as well just to be safe”
🤔 “Maybe my idea sucks”
🤔 “It’s not ready yet”
🤔 “I just need to build my website”
🤔 “I don’t feel like it today”
🤔 “Ooh this sounds like a better idea”
🤔 “That person didn’t buy it. I knew it was rubbish”
🤔 “Look how many followers THEY’VE got!”

Blah Blah Blah.

And so it goes, until you’re paralyzed with head-trash, fear and procrastination.

So here’s what you need to do:

🚀 Have ONE clear idea.
🚀 Refine it for ONE idea client
🚀 Go talk to people who look like that ideal client, every day

Keep doing that ’till it works out.

Or, until you’re sure it won’t.

And while you’re doing that, stop thinking about anything else at all.

Thinking doesn’t pay the bills.

Love you lots

PS: What’s your most destructive current thought about your business? Prize for the best/boldest/daftest one…x

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