I know what’s slowing you down

You know how there are easy ways and hard ways to do things?

Well, there are also fast ways and slow ways.

The slow way to attract clients is to sit around waiting for referrals, or for them to magically discover your website amongst all the other 200 million websites in the world.

The fast way to attract clients is to use a simple three-step formula for picking them out of social media.

Call it the APS™ Method, if you like.

A – ATTENTION: learn to stop their scroll with a catchy headline. Search the JHM FB Group for headline ideas and inspiration

P – PROBLEM: Frame the biggest problem or dream that’s on their mind, right now.

S – SOLUTION: Show how you’re the only person who can solve their problem, or help them reach their dream.

Simple in outline, and if you’d like an in-depth training on it, I’ll give you a hall-pass for our Secret Session at 4pm on Friday the 29th, where I’ll be walking you through it in an interactive workshop.

Normally reserved for my paying clients, but complimentary to you for this week only. Want in?

Love you lots

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